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Keep your dog healthy with our Recommended Canine Wellness Care

At 6 Weeks of Age

-Wellness Examination

-DA2PPV (Distemper/Adenovirus/Parvo/Hepatitis/Para Influenza) vaccination

-Canine Influenza 1st of 2 booster vaccination

-Internal parasite examination and deworming as necessary

At 9 Weeks of Age

-DA2PPV 2nd of 3 booster vaccination

-Canine Influenza 2nd booster vaccination

At 12 Weeks of Age

-Lyme 1st of 2 booster vaccination

-DA2PPV 3rd booster vaccination

-Bordetella vaccination (*Vaccination recommended every 6 months)

-Begin administering heartworm and flea prevention

At 15-16 Weeks of Age

-Lyme 2nd booster vaccination

-1 year Rabies vaccination

At 6 Months of Age

-Schedule Neuter/Spay (highly recommended)

-Schedule MicroChip implantation (highly recommended)

Annual Wellness Examination




-Canine Influenza

-Bordetella (*Vaccination recommended every 6 months)

-3 year Rabies


Heartworm/Lyme/Ehrlichiosis blood test

Internal parasite examination

Monthly parasite prevention:

Prescription flea, heartworm, ascarid and hookworm prevention product